Thursday, December 10, 2009

A 7-Step Guide to Astral Projection

Astral projection also known as Astral Travel or Out of Body Experience (OBE). Astral Projection is the ability to liberate your soul from the physical body and make it astral travel through the spiritual world. It is an esoteric interpretation of any kind of out of body experiences where your consciousness or soul departs from your physical body and explores the ‘higher’ realms or the ‘astral plane’, a place between Heaven and Earth where one’s personal feelings are claimed to be perceived at a level higher than that in the material world.

In this higher plane of existence you can travel and look at things in the absence of your physical body and this state can be achieved through deep meditation, lucid dreaming or even in a conscious state by those who are well versed in the technique of how to astral travel.

7 steps to practice how to astral projection:

Step 1:

Relax your mind and body. Be calm, locate a serene spot to sit down and loosen up your muscles. Then, take a deep breath and hold it as long as it is possible for you to do so comfortably.

Step 2:

Clear your mind. Locate a dark, comfortable place that is free from noise and other external disturbances or stimulus. At this point the only stimulation that you should experience is from your own thoughts and from nothing else.

Step 3:

Make an effort to sleep but pull back and hold yourself at a point just before you fall asleep. This can be done by lying on a mattress and raising your forearm. When you are about to fall asleep your arm will automatically start to fall down and this will help to rouse you up to hold yourself in a state just before going to sleep.

Step 4:

Become aware of the state of vibration. Vibration indicates the start of ‘out of body experience’ (OBE) and this produces an irritating feeling in your body. Identifying this is possible only with careful observation and relentless practice. You will become familiar with it once you start to feel it.

Step 5:

Use your mind to control the state of vibration. Gaining control of this state can be achieved only with persistent practice where you stir these vibrations to move through your entire body. Once you are skilled enough to control the vibrations to course through your body in a smooth manner, you are ready to step into the astral plane.

Step 6:

At this stage, start with partial separation from your body. For instance, start by releasing from just your arm or leg and then step back by pulling back in. Do not let your mind wander. Your mind should always be focused on the thought of liberating from your body and nothing else. Slowly, your mind will be prepared for the full separation.

Step 7:

Try practicing the state of separation as often as possible. Once you become skilled in this final state of separation, liberate your mind from your body completely without any fear. Hold on to the thought that your body is as light as the air and that it is starting to float up in a pleasant way. In case you are starting to feel frantic or stressed at any point of practicing this technique of astral projection, stop immediately. These symptoms indicate that you are not yet prepared for astral projection.

It is definitely possible to learn how to astral projection with no making use of any tools, but the time and effort it takes to realize how to astral travel can be fairly daunting. If you have struggled to consciously practice out of body experience (obe) before but have not been a success, the tool with Mind Altering Harmonics Technology can make the whole process much easier.

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